Our new Podcast section hosts a range of useful audio resources to help with your OSCE revision. All of our Podcasts are free to listen, download and share. These 5-10minute long discussions are based around some of the important communication skills and strategies that are required for OSCEs and real life medical practice. We hope you find them useful, and please send us an email or write a comment if you have any feedback.
Podcast: Taking a Sexual History
posted on: 15/09/15; 10:39,      comments (3)
Podcast: Procedures
posted on: 15/09/15; 10:40,      comments (1)
Podcast: Presenting Skills
posted on: 16/12/2015; 21:46,      comments (3)
Podcast: Managing a Mistake
posted on: 15/09/15; 10:38,      comments (3)
Podcast: Handling a Complaint
posted on: 15/09/15; 10:36,      comments (1)
Podcast: Breaking Confidentiality
posted on: 15/09/15; 10:35,      comments (2)
Podcast: Breaking Bad News
posted on: 15/09/15; 10:34,      comments (4)
Podcast: A Demanding Patient
posted on: 15/09/15; 10:37,      comments (3)